The 10 essentials of Oleron Island

Want to make tourism on the island of Oleron? Here are the 10 places of interest not to be missed during your camping stay on the Ile d’Oléron !

A prestigious heritage our citadel located in Château-d’Oléron.
Decided by Richelieu in the 17th century to protect the island, the citadel of Château-d’Oléron was then enlarged and fortified by Vauban. A guided visit of the citadel is organized from the Château-d’Oléron.

  • Le Fort Boyard

    Fort Boyard is established on a sand and rock bench of the same name made under Napoleon between 1801 and 1859. It was built to protect the junction on the river Charente and the port of Rochefort from the English. It can’t be visited since it became a place of filming of a very famous TV show ! However we advise you the commented cruises from Boyardville and Saint-Denis-d’Oléron.

  • The lighthouse of Chassiron

    In the north of Oleron Island, visit the Chassiron lighthouse, which allows sailors to enter the waters of the Antioch pertuis. Start by discovering the écomusée which will deliver you all the secrets of the life of the men of the coast, on the second floor. Then, climb the 224 steps and enjoy the unique panorama offered by the lighthouse.

  • Le port de la Cotinière

    The port of La Cotinière located on the Atlantic coast is the first artisanal fishing port in Charente-Maritime and the Aquitaine region. It is the sixth French port. You can come and discover the multicolored fleets. Namely to discover the secrets of the port of La Cotinière, guided tours are now organized every school vacation period and the first Friday of each month. La Cotinière is also a multitude of shops and restaurants on the port.

  • The Port of the Saltworks

    On the commune of Grand-Village-Plage, make a detour to the salt marshes of the Ile d’Oléron. Labeled nature center, the Port des Salines is a small natural and calm corner. From the ecomuseum to the guided visits, passing by the boat trip, you will discover the history of Oleron’s salt-farming and the know-how of the Saunier.

  • Boyardville

    With its unobstructed view on Fort Boyard from its beach discover Boyardville and embark on a sea trip to Fort Boyard, the island of Aix, La Rochelle. It is also a marina, its immense beach of fine sand, its 600 ha national forest. A real seaside resort focused on nautical activities.

  • Gatseau beach

    Place both authentic and wild, Gatseau beach in the south of Oleron island is surrounded by a large forest. It faces the peninsula of Arvert and benefits from a low exposure to the ocean which makes it safe. In all tranquility, you will be able to have fun with your family and walk along the seaside.
    Leave your car on a parking lot and come to the island by taking the little train or on foot.

  • The Green-Wood Beach

    The beach of Vert-Bois is our guaranteed favorite, one of the most pleasant beaches of the island of Oleron. The sea is next to the national forest, a wild and authentic place in the south of the island. A popular place for board sports.

  • Bike paths

    Discover more than 260 km of bicycle paths that encompass the Ile d’Oléron and the Marennes d’Oléron basin. These itineraries cross marshes, forests and seaside letting you appreciate the diversity of the landscapes. Accessible to sportsmen as well as to amateurs, these itineraries will allow you to reach the Chassiron lighthouse, to cross the Salmonards or the marshes.
    To know more : the cycling network is equipped with informative and directional signs available at the reception of the campsite or at the tourist office.

  • The Bird Swamp

    On more than 130 ha, the marsh of birds is a natural area in the heart of the island of Oleron. Its 10 ha park offers you the possibility to discover the wild and domestic fauna for educational purposes. All along the 1.5 km long trail, you will find the mini farm, the wild species of our tides, ducks, geese, birds of prey and many others that will delight the whole family.
    What you need to know : located between the communes of Dolus d’Oléron and Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron, it is open every day from July 1st to August 31st.