Nature campsite on Oléron

The bird marsh

Located in a natural area of more than 130 ha, the Marais des Oiseaux is a park where farm animals and wild birds can be discovered. Come and discover this natural area, exceptional for its biodiversity.

The myocastor park

Live an atypical experience 100% fun and educational, in the middle of the forest come and discover and feed the beavers so endearing. And new in 2019 Kangaroos land in the forest.

View of the estuary at low tide and fish locks

Fish locks or fisheries are fixed fish traps, consisting of a wall 500 to 700 metres long. They have the shape of a horseshoe more or less symmetrical depending on the configuration of the foreshore on which they are built.

You can catch different species of fish: bass, sea bream, orphies, mules, mules, mackerel and conger eels.

The gardens of the Boirie

Discover a botanical garden classified as a remarkable garden on the Oleron Island. Collections of sage, hostas and rare plants. From the latest horticultural varieties to the simple perennial plant.

The salt works port

Located in the town of Grand-Village-Plage, on the island of Oleron, the Port des Salines, a very pretty natural setting labelled Pôle-Nature, will reveal to you the history of Oleron's salt-making and the know-how of the saunier in many ways.

The Breeze Swamp

The Marsh of the Breezes has been conquered by man on the sea. This natural site is now recognized for its biological richness. Its mosaic of soft and salty wetlands, reed beds, meadows and woods is at the origin of this richness. They are home to a remarkable population of orchids and many species of breeding or migrating birds. The heron is its privileged host.
Enjoy the site freely, the hiking trails, a sports course and games for children have been set up for the enjoyment of all.

Our favorite: The guided walks in the tides in stand up paddle

Come and experience a timeless stroll through enchanting marshes. Calm and tranquility at the meeting. An unforgettable journey through the labyrinth of salt marshes.